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Spotlight Revenue specializes in delivering software/technologies for IOS, Android, and Web, as well as one of the Few SEO programs that actually Works! Our solutions have been fine-tuned processes and procedures by experts that have been in each field since its inception. We take pride in our final products and results, so when we take on a new partner to work with, our mentality is as if we are in their shoes.

The Spotlight Team is a handpicked team of specialists for every service we provide.


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Everyone Makes The Same Promises, So How Do You Tell The Difference

With countless digital companies all saying the same thing, how do you know which will deliver? At Spotlight Revenue, the answer is simple… Look at the Track Record.

Quality Guaranteed

Every project or service we deliver, will always have a satisfaction guarantee attached to it. We mean what we say.

Investments that Pay Off

Get a High Return on Investment with Our Business Solutions.

Long-Term Digital Marketing Success

We pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships with our clients and working with them to achieve their goals over time.

Our Clients Love Us

    Linda Bailey

    It really is not possible for us to leave a review for Spotlight Revenue that would explain everything that they have done for us, because their help in growing our business has been endless. So we did attach a couple of screenshots from when they first were working with us last year.

      Wes Gilmore

      Brittany and Sam were awesome! Professional and very kind. Our site turned out great and they were very helpful as we have never built or been involved with building a website before. They made sure everything worked and looked perfectly. I would 100% recommend.

        G Thomas Wilder

        Spotlight Revenue is a company that we value to help us with several IT Marketing services. We are grateful they take the time to understand what's most important to our small business and make big differences in how our clients realize our special servces.

          Jessica Stevens

          Spotlight Revenue is a fantastic company to work with. Their creative and personalized approach to marketing and advertising has helped the company I work for grow exponentially! Every company should have a team like Sam and his team on their side!

            Drew Cannaday

            Spotlight Revenue is a great company to help take your business to the next level. Highly trained and always ready to answer questions, they work very hard to help you achieve your goals!

              Greener SS

              Tons of leads (I don't know the exact count), and then over 75 potential dealer prospect consultations scheduled. We are a B2B business that are looking to provide our Roof Rejuvenation product to home improvement and roofing companies. So having this many consultations with potential dealers have been an Amazing Blessing!!

                Rockfab Kitchen and Bath

                These guys do exactly what they say they will do! I’ve been thru multiple SEO services and this is the first one that I have zero complaints about! I’ve given it a couple months before I left a review and they have performed. I like they are local to Roanoke.

                  Clarence Oliver

                  This amazing company helped my mother launch her hypnosis practice and bring in over 250 leads in the first two months and over 60 appointments. Forever grateful and excited that we found them to help.

                    Ross Pitcoff

                    These guys are the actual real deal. They’re results driven and follow through on what they say. I’m very impressed with their services and I’ll continue to use them for my own business AND for a referral source to trusted colleagues and partners. Working with Mark and the Team is highly recommended.

                      Ronaldo Pareja

                      Spotlight Revenue gives let let your business grow from being small business to medium business, taking the word innovation to another level of digital marketing and e-commerce industry. Solid delivery.

                        Coley Nelson

                        Great Service! Loved Our Website! These guys are up to date on the modern digital marketing techniques! Spotlight introduced us to the e commerce world and there’s no turning back!

                          Carrington Baker

                          We are having a great experience working with Spotlight Revenue, and Mallory has really catered to our needs!

                            Nicolas Polo

                            A great company to work with. They make you feel like you’re important from beginning to end. Highly recommend!

                              Emmanuel Alexander

                              Great investment! Spotlight Revenue will exceed your expectations. Thank you!

                                Dan Parkman

                                All I’m going to say is Spotlight Revenue under promised and over delivered! Thank you guys soo much!

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