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Your Reputation is Your
Most Valuable Asset.

A Software for Generating More 5 Star Reviews,
Managing Customer Communications and
Tracking all Leads.

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How Spark will Help
your Company

No More Negative Reviews... Ever!!

Our Reputation Protection Feature, makes sure that anytime a customer (or competitor) tries to leave a review of less than 5 stars, the review will be sent to you automatically - and Never Seen by The Public!

Communication is Essential - Ask your Customers!

SPARK includes Google Maps Messenger, Facebook Messenger, 2-Way SMS Texting, Phone Calls and of course Email. All your communication in one place, so you will never miss a message again.

Reporting is Key

You can only manage what you can measure, and SPARK measures everything. From lead generation and sources to daily call reporting and appointment conversions, you can keep your finger on the pulse of everything.

Simple features

Get More 5 Star Reviews

SPARK will integrate with any software you use to create an automated way for your team to send out Review Requests and generate more 5 Star Reviews.

Call and Schedule Appointments

Through SPARK you can make phone calls and set up appointments with reminders for your whole team. We even integrate with Google Calendar.

Let your website sell more for you

We have easy to build Web Chat widget, so that you can begin the conversation with your customer directly through your website.

Automate Everything... Literally!

With our completely custom built interface, you just tell us what you want to happen and we will make sure it happens automatically.

How does it work?

Connect All Your Lead Generation
to One Place

SPARK integrate with almost every single software
on the market - so step #1 is to get it all connected.
This will allow all your client communication to exist
in one place, so nothing ever goes unseen.

Leads contact you via Phone Call or
Your Website Widget (text message).

We install our Custom Website Widget into your website, so that
whenever a lead asks a question, it shows up as a text message
conversation for you to answer quickly and easily.

Call and Schedule the Appointment
- Without ever leaving SPARK

Once you have answered any questions via text, you can now call
the lead right from our SPARK Phone Dialer, and schedule the
appointment within our SPARK Scheduler.

Generate More Reviews & Gather
Feedback from your customer!

After the appointment, SPARK will automatically send out
a Review Request, that will allow your customer to give you
a Rating between 1-5 stars. If they select 5 stars, it will
automatically be left on Google, and anything less will be
sent to your email for feedback purposes.

Spark is the pinnacle of what marketing and sales are supposed to be.

John Baker

Spark has not only helped us to generate
128 Five Star Reviews, but has also made
our dispatching an absolute Breeze!

Scott Cole

My favorite part of Spark is the fact that I
can literally manage our leads all from a
single app and pass off to whichever rep I want!

John Baker

The Spotlight guys really set us up with
this SPARK app! My office manager loves

Unlimited Users, Zero Limitations



per month

  • Reputation Management
  • Automated Review Requests (SMS & Email)
  • 3rd Party Software Integrations
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per month

  • SPARK 1 Features
  • Virtual Phone System
  • 2-way SMS (text) and email communication
  • Website Text to Chat Widget
  • Google and Facebook Messenger
  • Lead Management Pipelines
  • Trigger Automations to Automate Everything
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