In one of our last blogs, we mentioned a new tool called SPARK as a way to gather more 5 star reviews. Well, we’ve gotten some questions asking for more information about SPARK and we wanted to write this blog to explain some of the features. If you are looking for a tool that not only helps gather reviews but also automates various processes in your day-to-day business operations then keep reading. 


One of the most talked-about features of SPARK is the reputation management feature. SPARK will integrate with any preexisting software you are using so that when you complete a job for a customer they will automatically be sent a message with a link to your custom review domain. Once the customer goes to the custom URL and leaves a review one of two things will happen. If the review is 5 stars then the URL will then take them to your Google My Business page so they can finalize their review and make it public. 

However, if the review is less than 5 stars it will then be sent to you so that you can use it as feedback as you move forward. This way if a customer decides to leave a review through this link that you do not feel is fair it will be sent to you and not the public. Their feedback will also allow you to make any necessary changes to your process to improve your company. 


A second big piece of SPARK is the lead management feature. Once you enter a lead’s contact information into SPARK you can then send texts, make phone calls, and set up appointments all within SPARK. You are even able to have recordings of any phone call a team member makes so that you can use it for future reference. With SPARK you can easily send automated text messages and emails to your leads. 

You can schedule out a series of messages and choose when each one will be sent so that you do not have to send each message manually. SPARK allows you to set up campaigns so that when a lead is entered into the system they receive information via text or email and then receive more when you move them into different stages. Having these automated messages allows you to remove the stress of remembering to send specific texts or emails to each new lead. 


Let your website sell more for you but using SPARK’s easy to install custom website chat widget. This widget allows you to receive text messages whenever a potential customer asks a question using the chatbox on your website. Now your leads can talk to real members of your team live instead of only speaking to an automated chatbot. By having live team members answering questions you can make sure that you answer the lead’s specific questions and help with their unique needs. 

This widget also allows you to respond to your customers right away without them having to send an email and wait for someone to reply. Now you can answer questions and hopefully secure a customer while they are looking for someone to complete a job. Our custom website widget allows you to get the most out of your website. If you want to see how this feature works, click the chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page and we will happily respond!


The information in this post is just the tip of the iceberg for what SPARK can do for your company. It is a tool that can be customized to your unique needs and wants so that it works seamlessly with what you already have created. If you are looking for a tool that can help gather more reviews for your company as well as automate different parts of your everyday process then SPARK is for you. For more information or to schedule a demo please visit the SPARK page of our website or reach out to us. We already use SPARK in our business every day and we know you’ll love it.