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We’re not a service provider, we’re your growth partner.

We don’t need to put ourselves in your shoes, because we’re already in them. As a growing business ourselves, we know what business objectives we want to achieve from an SEO strategy. And the answer is simple – results, profit, and growth.
Spotlight Revenue works with businesses and companies that aim to boost web traffic to their website and attract more leads by outranking their local competitors on the search engine leads result page.
We help your business with organic traffic growth in Norfolk, VA! We provide high-quality Norfolk SEO services in Virginia. We have a track record of success in ranking enterprises results in the top spot in search engines.

Our Norfolk SEO Company will create an internet marketing strategy to boost your business in search engine rankings. With our hard, but strategic work, we can guarantee more customers and revenue growth for any type or size company that needs it most.

If you want to work with an SEO company with a proven track record of success in running SEO campaigns for businesses, using proven SEO strategies to provide traffic and virality to your content, Spotlight Revenue is the Norfolk SEO agency your business needs.

Utilizing technology, shaped by deep consumer empathy, motivated by data-driven results, inspired by shared goals. Our SEO team of specialists, becomes yours.


We are confident in what we do.
We have advanced skills in optimizing your website for higher organic ranking, where we can help your website grow into a profitable medium for your business. We understand that all businesses have different requirements and goals for their websites and we can help you achieve yours, whatever they may be. All team members at Spotlight Revenue are experts in their respective fields. Their knowledge and drive will help take your business to the next level. If you enjoy working with friendly, approachable, and talented people, you will love working with us.

Search engine marketing is regarded as a long-term investment with an ideal return. SEO efforts is known as the master of digital marketing and advertising these days, as it enables you to find the greatest potential market and target your audience instead of using social networking or mass advertising agency for your businesses.



High-Quality On-Page SEO On Each Page of Your website
It is our custom to have a “sit down” meeting with our client. At our first meeting, we want to hear all about you. We need to know about your work, background, plans, and goals. The more info we get directly from you, the better. You can ask us any SEO related questions of course, and when everything is clear, we can start building a plan for your online campaign from the ground up. SEO audits is the first thing that we do to your website after the meeting. That lets us know which areas need tweaking and how we can adjust them to your benefit. The changes we make are based on thorough research of your competitors, target customers, search results, etc. We also need to make sure that your website is up to that in correlation to the current latest trends.


We use data-driven SEO techniques to deliver highly-motivated leads straight to your website and share a passion for turning great ideas into innovative user experiences that position our clients as leaders in their industries.

  • Initial Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation

Spotlight Revenue provides Norfolk SEO services that residents can count on to generate more website visitors, online traffic (google traffic) solutions, and phone calls for Norfolk VA businesses.

SEO your business, is like tuning your automobile. If your business is to compete, it has to “purr”. Spotlight Revenue knows how to optimize. We also realize you will be curious to how our efforts for your business strategy is progressing. We will keep in contact with you, provide current and progressing standings and above all, respond when you reach out. Not just at the beginning, but throughout the venture.


Keyword research like SEO specialist Norfolk, VA is a major keyword in our industry, If you have read this page and reached this last paragraph, it’s clear that you are seeking the advice and services of a technical SEO. You will now understand why website development needs to be optimized. This will give you indications of how search engine optimization specialists such as ours will help your website deliver the results you seek.

There is no point spending your time and money on something which isn’t delivering. By seeking our SEO services, your time and money will be spent wisely. We know your business will see fantastic results no matter how big or small it may be. Our past experience shows that optimizing your website delvers. We have the required level of understanding to ensure that the SEO specialist Norfolk service we provide makes a positive impact on your business. Therefore, if you want to drive sales, increase traffic and reach new goals in your business you should make the call today. We can offer our skills, knowledge and advice to help get your business back on track and working for you. We approach every business individually, we never take a one size fits all approach.

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When you schedule a call with one of our SEO experts, our company will do the preliminary research to show you not only what you and your competitors are doing, but also what it will take to achieve the rankings that you desire.

We perform the keyword research to determine what “Search Terms” will be the most fruitful for your Blacksburg website. We identify what people are searching for, what keywords have a decent monthly search volume, and which keywords will be the most relevant to your website’s content

When we’re looking to develop a new keyword strategy, we evaluate which rivals are currently ranking for those term phrase queries to see what they’re doing right and wrong. This allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy.

We’ll decide what material/content needs to be produced in relation to which keywords are relevant to our goals; then establish the number of links that will be required to achieve a higher authority in Google’s “eyes”.

From optimizing your website’s load speed to cleaning up any issues within your website technical side. We use a “12-point checklist” to ensure that your website loads and performs as near to flawlessly as possible. This is why a fast website is important. Not only do your customers demand an intuitive and quick website, but Google demands it in order for your company’s website to appear as a top search result.

Once your website is completely prepared and “Tuned Up”, now it is time to establish our baseline of where the starting point is in our campaign. We want to measure:

  • Current Rankings for Blacksburg, VA
  • Current Web Traffic for Blacksburg
  • Current Lead/Blacksburg Customer Volume

Setting up our reporting tools will not only let us know where we are starting from but also will allow you to see the progress every week as your website climbs in the rankings.

Now that our foundation is laid and our goals are established, we are able to execute on our strategy from Step 3. SEO is a long-term strategy and when performed correctly, you are building an online asset that will provide business activity for years to come. Our team will maintain contact with you all along the way, providing updates and getting your input on content. If you need us, we are only one call/text/email (whichever you prefer) away. It’s thanks to partners and companies like you that we’re able to expand in our field.


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