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The SEO Company Durham NC Spotlight Revenue is a full-service SEO agency, digital marketing, and web development. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses edge out their competition by expanding into new markets through targeted online strategies.

With a 300,000+ population and the challenges that come with it in terms of reaching your target audience online; Durham has been one of our most popular areas to work. We’re able deliver results compared not only other companies but also individuals consultants when they need extra help getting their business off on its feet.

In today’s competitive economy, many businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. For these firms, in particular, Spotlight Revenue provides internet marketing strategy solutions that can help them achieve their goals and succeed at what they do best. Capturing a bigger share of the market- especially with search engine optimization (SEO) being one way you could go about it! With our team on board full time or as an extension option; we provide integrated search engine optimization strategy and internet marketing services including content creation & social media management so SEO Durham NC clients will always be ahead—competition free.

Dominate Local Presence SEO in Durham North Carolina

If you’re not claiming your Google My Business listing, then it’s time to get on board! Local Search Optimization is the process of improving your local online presence with a goal driving more customers from relevant searches. Let Spotlight Revenue show how we can help dominate those keywords, execute marketing plans and bring business into yours today.

SEO That Deliver, Digital Marketing Services and Internet Marketing Services… Guaranteed.

Google Search, Yahoo, and Bing are the most commonly used search engines on the earth. With this power comes great responsibility – it’s your responsibility to make sure that people find you when they’re looking for what you offer!

Durham SEO Services from Spotlight Revenue will help put an end to all those pesky search engine rankings and can get their mojo working because there’s nothing more important than getting found by potential clients or customers right?


Our team is ready to take your site from the ground up. We’ll make sure it pops with our top-notch SEO services, either through managed SEO hosting or unmanaged SEO hosting solutions and we’re always available in case you need anything else updated or fixed on this end.

If you’re in the market for affordable SEO services Durham, then we have just what your business search engine optimization needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work with businesses of all sizes like wordpress development services company, small business web design, etc. and offer flexible pricing options so that every company can find its perfect match! From basic packages to advanced service offerings like long-form content creation & keyword optimization; there’s something here tailored specifically towards helping increase revenue on investment on this crucial investment. Get started today by contacting Spotlight Revenue – your Durham SEO Company.

Spotlight Revenue knows how to optimize. We know you want to know what we are doing and how it coming along. Communication is vital.
Search engine optimization is a strategy to increase the number of visitors to your website from search engines. We specialize in search engine optimization for Durham NC and guarantee that we will get you ranked on the first page for any relevant keywords you choose. There are many Durham SEO companies that offer technical SEO services. Sometimes a digital marketing firm and Durham SEO agencies may claim to be SEO experts, but the industry of search engine marketing is an evolving industry and SEO strategies are always being updated. At Spotlight Revenue, we don’t just claim to know how SEO Rankings work, we will show you how as well.

I’m sure that you’ve seen businesses like these before. They offer to help your Durham business drive organic traffic, but how do you know if they are legit? How do you know if their services will work for your company?

Unfortunately, what we have experienced far too many times, is businesses that spend their marketing budget on SEO services every month, yet have no idea what the contracted company is doing (much less why their company is not ranking on Google).

top-notch SEO services



When you schedule a call with one of our SEO experts, our company will do the preliminary research to show you not only what you and your competitors are doing, but also what it will take to achieve the rankings that you desire.

Our Durham SEO Services Process:

We perform the keyword research to determine what “Search Terms” will be the most fruitful for your Blacksburg website. We identify what people are searching for, what keywords have a decent monthly search volume, and which keywords will be the most relevant to your website’s content

When we’re looking to develop a new keyword strategy, we evaluate which rivals are currently ranking for those term phrase queries to see what they’re doing right and wrong. This allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy.

We’ll decide what material/content needs to be produced in relation to which keywords are relevant to our goals; then establish the number of links that will be required to achieve a higher authority in Google’s “eyes”.

From optimizing your website’s load speed to cleaning up any issues within your website technical side. We use a “12-point checklist” to ensure that your website loads and performs as near to flawlessly as possible. This is why a fast website is important. Not only do your customers demand an intuitive and quick website, but Google demands it in order for your company’s website to appear as a top search result.

Once your website is completely prepared and “Tuned Up”, now it is time to establish our baseline of where the starting point is in our campaign. We want to measure:

  • Current Rankings for Blacksburg, VA
  • Current Web Traffic for Blacksburg
  • Current Lead/Blacksburg Customer Volume

Setting up our reporting tools will not only let us know where we are starting from but also will allow you to see the progress every week as your website climbs in the rankings.

Now that our foundation is laid and our goals are established, we are able to execute on our strategy from Step 3. SEO is a long-term strategy and when performed correctly, you are building an online asset that will provide business activity for years to come. Our team will maintain contact with you all along the way, providing updates and getting your input on content. If you need us, we are only one call/text/email (whichever you prefer) away. It’s thanks to partners and companies like you that we’re able to expand in our field.


Modern Methods, Exceptional Results, Dedicated to Your Dream!

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