When it comes to branding your company, your logo is essential. If done correctly your logo will quickly become the most recognizable part of your business. Many big name companies have logos that even without any text involved lead the viewer to know the brand behind the design.

Pepsi Logo         Nike Logo


A brand’s logo is on almost every single piece of their marketing and with some brand’s like clothing companies the logo is also on their product. It is the symbol of the company and can be considered the company’s visual name as well. This means you are going to want to make sure that the logo you create best represents your company, its values, and style.


Since your logo is such a big piece of your brand it is important to take time and brainstorm what you want the design to look like. Bring in the opinions of those who work for the company as well as outside voices (family and friends) and ask them what they think of when they think of your company. Write down every idea even if it sounds like a throw away one because sometimes the most outlandish ideas can spark great new ones. Try and put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Key in on your target demographic and try to figure out what would appeal to them the most.


One key thing to think about before starting the design process is the desired style of the logo. Do you want your logo to be classic and simple or maybe fun and far-out. For example, if your company is a tech software company you might want your logo to be more modern and have a digital feel. If your company is a local roofing company then maybe you might want a more traditional and familiar feel to it. Choosing a style that best matches your brand will allow your audience to have a feel for what your company does just by looking at the logo.


Once you have a feeling for the style of your logo you will also want to decide on the type of logo. Do you want your logo to just be a picture design or do you want it to be text? You can also combine the two to create unique pieces. Another way to add some fun to your logo is to utilize a mascot. These can be especially useful if your company is geared more to being kid or family friendly.

KFC Logo

Mascot Logo

Combination of text and pictures


Now that you know the style of logo you want, as well as the type of logo, it is important to also keep colors in mind. Different colors carry different emotions with them. You may not realize what each color causes you to feel but your subconscious is aware. For example, the color blue brings with it feelings of calmness while the color purple usually symbolizes royalty and luxury. In order to make sure your logo gives off the right feeling to the viewer color should be taken into account. A few of the many emotions can be found below.

  • Black – formal and sophisticated
  • Red – energy or anger
  • Green – nature and freshness
  • White – innocence and cleanliness
  • Yellow – cheerfulness and happiness


Color Combinations

It is also important to keep in mind how different colors look together. To figure this out is useful to look at a color wheel. First you have complimentary colors. These colors lie across from each other on the wheel. For example, red and green. Using complimentary colors allows both colors to pop and creates a bold and dynamic combination.

Next you have analogous colors. This means the three colors chosen lie close together on the wheel. Using analogous colors in your logo creates a design that is not as drastic as using complimentary colors and creates more subtlety.

Third is a triadic color combination. This combination uses three colors that are on equal intervals on the wheel. This one is similar to a complimentary pairing because it adds high contrast to a logo and causes it to be eye catching and complex.

Fourth, there is a square color combination. This combination includes four colors that are evenly spaced around the wheel. This combination tends to work best if one of the colors is dominant.


These are just three of the elements that go into creating a successful logo. Don’t forget to think about any typography you intend to use and always communicate your desires with your designer. A good logo should be unique to your brand and should be recognizable when seen by your audience. Make sure it will work at any size and try to make it timeless. Remember your logo doesn’t have to be too complicated and don’t try to make your logo match the current trends because they are changing all the time. Designing the perfect logo for your company may take time and that’s ok. You want to make sure that the logo you choose represents your brand well.


To give you an idea of some of the logo designs we have designed over the years a few are included below. There are a variety of types including just picture logos as well as combination logos. Different colors have been utilized in each of them as well. Even the typography for each logo is different and unique to that company. If you are looking to create a new logo for your brand reach out to us at Spotlight Revenue. We would love to work with you on such an important piece of your company.