Spotlight Revenue
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Spotlight Revenue has been leading in marketing innovation and techniques, through both social media platforms and PPC Advertis­ing since it’s inception. We are focused purely on what we call ROI (return on investment) based marketing.  Meaning we cut out all of the “fluff”, that most marketing companies will sell, and focus purely on providing you with services that are profitable and measurable.

At every point, our company works on the most functional and provable systems that we’ve developed through a host of successes. We at Spotlight Revenue pride ourselves on helping businesses achieve growth, and business owner’s do what they got into business to do, not market and sell, but take care of their clients.

Our Vision


Spotlight Revenue was created with a specific vision in mind, to provide a Turn-Key Solution for creating an online Spotlight for any Company, Person, Product or Service. Which therefore would create an automated and predictable way for that business (whatever kind of business it is) to generate Revenue and Grow.

Every business needs more clients and more customers in their door. We have only one goal, to make the process as simple and as automated as possible.

This industry is becoming stagnant and full of businesses selling marketing as a subjective service, without a way of measuring success. We want to make sure no client leaves us without growing their business.

Our Mission


We have one goal, to not just be another lead or marketing company, but to be a business development company, helping businesses like yours transform from where you are to where you want to be.

Our mission is to stay up to date with the latest and best marketing tech­niques and methodologies that are always changing, to never let our cus­tomers marketing, or ours, become stagnant or uneventful.

As well as to change every business that comes to work with us for the better.