When looking for a company to work with, most people tend to look at the company’s reviews first and foremost. This means that securing reviews, especially 5-star ones, is crucial for business. How do you make sure you are generating these reviews though? 3 simple ways include creating a review domain, leaving a behind card, and using Spotlight Revenue’s new tool SPARK.


      An easy way to boost your review generation is to create a specific domain for reviews. A review domain allows you to have a short URL to give customers to go to when they want to leave a review. This URL is attached to your Google My Business so that once a client leaves a review it will automatically post to your GMB profile. Having this URL makes it easier to direct your clients to leave a review. You can place the URL on your website which places it in an obvious place for people to see.

      To set up a Review Domain, you will first need to purchase a domain. Our top recommendation is to use Name Cheap, and it’s not because we are affiliated with them. We don’t have any connection with them, except that we use their service.

      The type of domain we would recommend is something like: SpotlightReviews.net or {Your business name}reviews.com. The reason behind this is because it will be simple and easy to remember, so when speaking with a customer, you can let them know to go to that URL.

      Once you have your domain purchased, you will simply want to set up a “Redirect” for that domain so that it points directly to your “Google Review link”. To find out what your “Google Review link” is, you can simply Google your business name and find your Google Maps Listing. From here, just click “Write a Review”, as if you are going to leave a review for your own business. The URL that is in your search bar, when on your “Write a Review” screen, is the “Google Review link” for your business.


      Another easy way to generate more reviews is to create a Leave Behind card. These cards are similar to business cards but instead of just having your contact info they have text on them that pushes the client towards leaving a review. 

      Having something the client can hold in their hand or hang on their fridge is a great way to remind them to leave a review. These cards can be easily personalized to include your logo and any instructions needed for leaving a review. They tie in well with your review domain because you can place your custom URL on the card. 

      Another way to incorporate your review domain is to print a QR code on your leave behind card which directs the user to your URL. These cards are a great way to up your review generation because the client will not have to remember the URL since they have it written down.  


     Lastly, our favorite way to generate more 5-star reviews is by using SPARK. While this tool has many functions, one of the main ones is reputation management and review generation. 

      SPARK integrates with the software you may already be using so that your client will be sent a message with your customized URL to leave a review when you complete a job. The best part is that everything is automated, so you do not have to personally type out a message every time. 

     Also, managing your reputation is a big priority so if a client leaves a review under 5 stars, the review will be sent to you instead of directly to your Google My Business so that you receive feedback without your page being affected negatively. 

      However, if you do receive a 5-star review it will go directly to your Google My Business page for everyone to see. This feature will allow your company to receive feedback without worrying about people deciding to attack your reputation. Implementing SPARK into your company will allow you to generate more reviews automatically so that you can focus on doing what you got into business to do.

      If you would like to hear more about SPARK and how it can help your company, please click here to schedule a quick demo call. Let Spotlight Revenue help you protect your reputation as well as generate more reviews.